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02 June 2004 @ 05:19 pm
Almost the end!  
So it's "review week". There's a review session or two or three tomorrow and Friday for various classes, but today was the last day of real classes. One Physics set left to hand in. One paper. Three exams.

Today's also the last day of Anime Club. We're watching the last episodes of Utena and the last eps of Haibane Renmei. I didn't realize we're close to the end of Haibane... cause nothing's really happened in the series. And the Pocky dance is happening again today. God help us all.

jenova_silver gave me a gift of one whole year of paid LJ time. I never had a paid LJ before. So my LJ layout looks different now. Not because I was planning to change it... I was just messing with the new functions available to me now and changed it by accident. At least I changed it to something decent ^_^;; But lots of thanks to jenova_silver! It was very sweet of him ^_^

I'm starting to feel anxious. Like there's something I should be doing, like what I'm doing isn't good or efficient or just plain fast enough. Even though I don't quite grok that the finals are less than a week away, I can tell from this anxiety that they're close and that my mind groks it all too well even if I don't.

Just 10 days left. June 11th, 8 pm is when my flight leaves for La Guardia. Ganbaranakucha.

The Utena opening song is what's been keeping me going these past few weeks. I happen to rather like "chick takes on the world by herself and wins!" kind of scenarios, whether in movies or songs or whatnot. I like Legally Blonde. Simone de Beauvoir writes in her book Second Sex (which we've been reading for Sosc these past few weeks) that emphasizing girl-power is a result of the women being "the other", the object, etc. She may be right. It could be that I like girl-power because I feel inferior as a girl, whether due to my physical strength or how much respect I get or how easy it is for me to wear dresses in Physics classes. Or it could be because I like person-power in general (ie girl-power and boy-power both, independent of actual gender) but there are more girl-power books and movies and songs out there than boy-power ones.

Tatoe futari hanarebanare ni natte mo watashi wa sekai wo kaeru.
Isn't is just the loveliest of song lyric lines?
Current Music: Utena - "Rinbu Revolution"
Jenova Silverstar: Soulful by cassandraharleyjenova_silver on June 2nd, 2004 05:03 pm (UTC)
Welcome!! ^_^
cillyphreak: screamcillyphreak on June 3rd, 2004 01:58 am (UTC)
add u as a freind
hey , i just came across your journal... err frankly i forgot how..hehe, but i really enjoyed ur drawings... i am an artstudient too at a local CC college in ohio, right now im bulding up a protfolio to try to get into a major art school wich im undecied on now. been drawing since i was very lil maybe one day i can show u some of my stuff that ranges from scupture to paiting and drawings... have a great one! and a great summer !

mike aka cilly