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~ YLLA ~

Maria Korchagin's Art Blog

Maria Korchagin
17 January 1984
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My name is Ylla. I am a girl. I am white. I am 25.
Yes, that is me in the photos.
That covers most of the questions people usually ask me first.

I've lived in many places. I speak almost four languages.
Currently, I live in Chicago, Illinois.
I've been drawing since the summer of 1997.
No, I do not attend an art school. I have a Physics degree from the University of Chicago.
That covers all the questions people usually ask me second.

My current favorite food is steak.
My current favorite art medium is Watercolor.
My current favorite mode of transportation is a Z4 named Bagryonok.
My current favorite animal is a black lab named Lucky.
My current favorite philosophy is Objectivism.
That covers all the questions people usually don't ask.

I make a point of posting a new drawing each time I post in my journal.
You may friend me without asking permission, but I would prefer that you left me a message regarding it, so that I know who you are.

Ylla's Art Gallery
0.5mm mechanical pencils, adobe, afghans, animals, animation, anime, apple computers, arizona iced tea, art, art nouveau, artists, astronomy, autumn, ayn rand, beauty, butterflies, calligraphy, calvin and hobbes, carpets, cartoons, cats, cg, chai, character design, charcoal, cheesecake, chii, chobits, chocolate, clamp, color pencils, comic books, comics, computers, conte crayon, counted cross stitch, creativity, crochet, cross stitch, dancing, design, dido, digital art, discovery channel, drapery, drawing, elegance, elves, embroidery, faerie, fairies, fanart, fantasy art, fashion, father and daughter, feathers, fiction, figure drawing, finding nemo, fire, flowers, gargoyles, gladiator, gothic architecture, graphite, green tea ice cream, harry potter, horses, html, hummingbirds, illustration, iron giant, japanese, japanese culture, japanese food, jigsaw puzzle, kenshin, kittens, knitting, lifedrawing, lilo & stitch, lord of the rings, magic, magic knight rayearth, manga, mermaids, movies, mp3s, mucha, museums, music, mythology, needlecraft, needlecrafts, needlework, night, nude painting, objectivism, original art, painter, painting, pastels, pegasus, pencils, pens, pet shop boys, photoshop, pin-up, pinups, poetry, prince of egypt, princess bride, psychology, purple, rain, rainbows, reading, roses, sailor senshi, sailor star fighter, sailor stars, sarah brightman, sarah mclachlan, sci-fi, seiya, silk, silver, sketching, sleep, smoked salmon, snowflakes, star fighter, stars, stitching, surrealism, sushi, the last unicorn, tiffany glass, tigers, u2, unicorns, university of chicago, vnv nation, wacom, watercolor, web design, webdesign, wind chimes, writing, yarn